The WorkPro process of WorkStudy combines the basic Work Study practices with Lean Manufacturing methodologies. It aconsists of Work Measurement & Method Study.

The following process applies mainly to VWS for Norming, SMED and a few more diagnostic type Work Studies. Studies relating to 5S though coming under VWS, do not have much of VTS components but directly go to only method studies.

  • Input Videos into the List
  • Do the following VTS
  • Process Level VTS ( If possible )
  • Operation VTS – Record Improvement Ideas
  • Look at the Average Basic Time with its Six Sigma Readings
  • Select the Best Opn Cycles ( with good six sigma levels )
  • Do the Activity VTS on the Best Operation Cycles  – Record Improvement Ideas
  • Select the ‘First’ Standard Method from the Permitted Activities
  • Look at the other opn cycles where the timings are more the average time
  • Do the Activity VTS for the above cycles – Record Improvement Ideas
  • Classify the VA/NVA/RNVA for all Routings
  • Look at NVA First – Get & Record Improvement Ideas to Eliminate them
  • Try to Eliminate / Reduce RNVA timings
  • Try to Eliminate / Reduce VA timings
  • Try to alter the Standard Method & hence the Standard Time
  • Do the Method Studies
  • Do the Flow & Kaizen Analysis & identify the Waste elements
  • Generate & Record Ideas to reduce / eliminate wastes
  • Try doing the Primary & Secondary Question on Typical Long Cycle Activity VTS Elements
  • Do the RULA & REBA Ergo assessments for labor intensive operations
  • Generate Ideas to reduce / eliminate Work Related Injuries
  • Create the Final Method Study Results
  • Take a Print out of Operation Sheets With Cycle Times
  • Take a Printout of Standard Method & Time (Activity VTS) for all operations
  • Take a Printout of Improvements List
  • Have a discussion on the Improvements & Create an Action Plan for the viable ideas
  • Conduct Periodic meeting to Review the Action Plan
  • Issue revised Minutes of the Meetings for the Improvements

Companies select their core operations to start the VWS. Here also the main or ‘production’ operations like assembly lines are done first. Then the focus shifts to the next line of work – namely maintenance, house keeping, receiving, warehousing etc.

At the end of the first VWS, the Work Pro data base gets all the routings with correct cycle times for various operations with videos. This database becomes a central repository of the Work Knowledge for the company for quick retrieval and reference.