WorkPro is an integrated software for Work Study using the multimedia Technology with a back end RDBMS database. One can easily do various type of Work Studies through the enterprise and get all the information efficiently stored in a central database. Thus it is truly an Enterprise Work Study (EWS) soultion.

This software simplifies the concepts of Work Study itself and makes it fully useful for doing ‘Lean‘ improvements in your organization like – Kaizen, SMED & 5S.

A brief explanation of the Main Modules of Work Study Professional are given below:

1. LOGIN : You login into the system in this Module.

2. STUDY PLANNER : You need to plan your Work Studies so that you do them efficiently. This module helps you plan your Enterprise Work Studies in a systematic and organised manner.

3. COLLECT DATA : The collect data module helps you to do the Video Time Study (VTS) using the videos. It also records your Improvements, Add resource data to your Routings etc.

4. FULL VIEW: When you want to see Video in a bigger size you can do that using the Full View screen as shown .

5. COMPARISONS: Here you can compare two VTS records. Mainly used for finding out the minute differences in the activities and also for Operator training.

6. STANDARD TIME : In this module you can calculate the ‘Standard Time’ from your VTS studies. You can put your Total rating along with the frequency of occurrence and allowances percentages for each activity. In this menu, you get an average of the time study measurements for each VTS reading.

7. ANALYZE DATA : In this module You can do various type of methods study and analysis to find out what has to be done.

8. DO IMPROVEMENTS : In this module you can see & Edit all the improvement ideas you & your team and take a printout of the same.

9. REPORTS : You can get a lot of Work Study Reports plus a full set of Process, Operation and Activity level Routings. We can customize reports for you as per your requirements.

10. SYSTEM: This module is meant for creation of the User Data and system maintenance tasks.

11. HELP : This module displays the PDF user Guide for the users to refer the same quickly. We also do have a number of Video Tutorials to help you use the system productively.

Some other Special Features of the Software:
• It can play any Video with popular formats.
• You can take an output in XL or PDF or HTML from any Table you see in the Software.
• Every Screen has a Video Player in which you can see the relevant Video.
• You can exchange data using XML .

Hardware & Software Requirements:

Any Pentium PC / Laptop with minimum 1 GB Ram, 160 GB or higher HDD is needed ( mainly for Keeping Videos ). 500 GB or higher Hard Disc recommended for backup storage of Videos. Screen with 1024 x 768 is necessary.For smooth video loading & playing 4 GB or more RAM is recommended.
Supported Operating Systems : WIn XP, WIn7 or higher.