About Work-Pro Software

  • WorkPro is based on the Principles of Work Study & ‘Lean’.
  • It uses the power of Multi-Media & Database Technologies to make Work Studies very simple & easy for all.
  • WorkPro’s specially designed features will assist you in doing all kinds of Improvements / Kaizen in your organization.
  • 5S / SMED / POKAYOKE / ANDON etc. also can be done quickly with the software
  • All the study data is stored in the database.
  • It is a Skill Retention, Enhancement and Training tool.
  • You can easily do Work Audits and verify the impact of Improvements
  • Create Clear and concise Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in Excel and in a Video Form

Purpose of WorkPro Software

  • Reduce Waste in your organisation’s work areas
    • Wastage of Time, Materials and Manpower Redundancy.
    • Reduce operational costs
  • Continuous Improvements:
    • One software for doing all operational improvements
  • Create a powerful knowledge database of your operations
    • Consisting of the Entire Work Studies, Ergo assessments & Lean Improvements
  • Demystify Work Studies & Simplify Work and Working
    • Your supervisors/engineers can start studies after an hour of Training
    • For systematic study and improvement of working methods
  • Create Standards:
    • You can create your own ‘Work Standards’ based on your Work Study Data
    • Check Costs of your products and services based on Activity Based Costing.
  • For the creation of Powerful Video Training Modules
    • For new Employee Training & Skill Upgradation

Benefits of using WorkPro in your company

  • Time Studies can be done easily and quickly by any one in your organisation, within one or two hours of training
  • 10 to 15% improvement in throughput (without any capital investment)
  • Work Knowledge database of operations.

For use in all your Technical / Management decision making

  • Quick creation of Video & Excel based SOPs for operations
    • Creation of Practical Training sessions for trainees
    • You can easily create full-fledged Video Training Modules from your Work studies
    • Each Training module can be with Lessons, Instructions, Dos & Don’ts etc
    • You can quickly train your new employees,
    • And retain / upgrade the skills of your existing personnel.
  • Easy to do Ergo Assessments & Ergo Improvements
  • Reduction of Waste thru Lean initiatives like 5S / SMED / Kaizen
  • Verification of Product costs based on actual timings & resource cost
  • Complete Product Work Study of your Products vis-à-vis competitors
  • Quick & Accurate Operations data portability for foreign Technical collaborations