What is WorkStudy ?

WorkStudy is the work of studying a work, for improving that work.

This is a simple explanation of the purpose & objective of the Work of studying any Work.

Let us explore this term WorkStudy a bit further and consider the term ‘Work’ alone first. What is Work ? What is the real meaning of Work ?

You will find that you are opening a whole set of activities – right from brushing your teeth in the morning to commuting to your ‘job’ to doing your ‘job‘ – every thing is Work !

Well, some are personal work and some are in the Professional Work category – but nevertheless all can be classified as ‘Work’.

You will also find terms like Assembly work, typing work, ploughing work, reading work etc come up in the mind. At the end you will wonder only this question : What is NOT a  Work ?!

Well, my objective is not to stretch this question of ‘what is work’ but to sensitize all about the term Work as used in WorkStudy. Literally you find any movement is Work. You cannot escape noticing a movement in anything and not see a work done there.

Because of this ‘movement’ is there in any work, can we say ‘Work is Movement’. Is it justified ? Do we need this kind of abstraction like ‘Work is a Movement’ in the ‘technical’ or Industrial Engineering’ field of WorkStudy ?

I agree that simplicity is the mark of intelligence and humanness. Hence one should not make WorkStudy a ‘philosophy’ or a mathematics kind of subject so it scares most of us and at the end every stays away from it. But in my humble opinion, we need a much more wider appreciation of the term ‘work’ rather than a simple white collar or blue collar definitions of Work.

In the pre-net era of simple times and life when most of human kind did simple work but lived happily – simpler definitions were sufficient, but not any more. We need a Work definition with a broader scope.

Also, all along we have talked of ‘workers’ being studied. Now we have Robots doing the work – better than the human worker in many areas. Robots & CNC machines do a considerably better job in many factories now. How do one really fix the term Work in these situations ? At this point you will find the term ‘Work is a Movement’ helps you to identify the ‘Work’ – it can be applied in the broadest sense, to denote any work in this world if not in the whole wide universe !

Hence,  I would like to define Work as : “Work is a Movement”. Let us stop here the ‘semantic work’ of defining work – otherwise it will drag to eternity.

Now, let us take the term ‘study’. What is a study ? What is the meaning of it ? Again, let me cut the ‘semantic’ BS out of this – to save time of yours and mine and go straight to define a study  as :  ‘The process of knowing the un-known by using the known’.

Let me ‘ease’ this definition a bit more : “A study is knowing or understanding a new thing by using the knowledge one has already”. Just apply this to your reading this very line here and now : You are reading this line by using the knowledge of the alphabets you have learnt – may be in the lap of your mother or father or in a kinder garden school.

You need to go further in this line and you will end up with the term ‘Measurement’. Believe me, a study is really a measurement. You ‘see’ the written alphabets here and compare it with the alphabet standard you have in your brain and ‘recognise’ the word…If you think a bit more, you will find the terms like measurement, standard, conformance & deviation etc are needed to fully define the word ‘Study’.

Well, explaining more of this kind of an abstractions will be like splicing the already spliced hair’ and out of sympathy to ordinary mortals like me and all of us, let me skip it.

Now let us get to our ‘work’ of knowing ‘WorkStudy’. As per the definitions above, Work Study becomes simply a ‘ Process of measuring the movements ‘.

May be you are not ready to accept this as any thing near to an explanation – let alone a definition of WorkStudy.

I am a truly democratic person and believes in human liberty and friendship – have a large body & a heart too. Hence, I leave it to you to ponder on the above sentence which I am going to call as a ‘definition of work study’ and proceed with my blogs from now on. May be we can add the purpose of the WorkStudy work and amplify the definition a bit further.

But let ask a question here: Is a definition important to do anything – including the work of  WorkStudy ? I think at this point of time in our world, we need to re-define the Word “WorkStudy” so that it can be understood and applied better – from the productivity & improvement sense. (Not Work while you study things you get when you Google !)

I am saying this because there is really no way to expand the realm of the golden art and science of WorkStudy and make it useful to one and all. As of now the definitions as given in Text books are good for ‘Industrial Work Study’ which is a minuscule part of the work done on earth by one and all.

For all those who are philosophically bent : In principle, We need to start with the Work of Defining a Definition ( it is not yet fully defined)  and then proceed from there to defining these things.. Well, life is short and we need to make it sweet and not philosophical, IMHO.

Let us not go back again to the origin of the species !

Also, the work seems to be of three main kinds: Visible Work, Invisible Work and Logical Work.. You need a more broader definitions..

Just think it over, it will make sense.