WORKPRO Demo & Evaluation:

We conduct daily web demo of the WorkPro software on all week days. The contents usually covered are VTS, VMS, LB and Lean Work Studies. The presentation takes about 45 minutes as an interactive  session.

We offer the Trial versions only for the companies who have seen the WorkPro demo so that they get an idea of how to use WorkPro in their organization.

We also provide the Trial users with Three hours of Web-based Training and Video Tutorials if they want.

Send us your Queries. . .

  • We have guided many customers in India and abroad in using Video Work Study for doing Improvements in their organizations’ Improvements.
  • We have guided them right from the selection of the Camcorder to storing of their Videos after Work Study.
  • We can help you fully in making WorkPro work for your organization in a very quick and effective manner.
  • We would welcome your queries on all aspects of the software and its implementation.
  • Please do send us your Queries by E-Mail or just give us a Call.. we are fully prepared to help you.