WorkPro software has been with us for two years now and we are pleased with it. Our Workers and supervisors – with just higher secondary education – are able to use the software and do the improvements themselves.

The training by DevPro helped them to start using the software. We encouraged them to use it on a daily basis. We have done over thousand studies in the last year and the improvements range from 18 tp 40% in cycle time. Well, in one instance it increased the cycle time by 20% – by getting the correct timings of the operation.

WorkPro helps us to maintain the health of our Production Lines.”

General Manager of a Garment Factory
at Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu state, India


We use WorkPro only when we put new harness assemblies in the production line – mainly to create the norms for the operation. Sometimes we use it diagnose the operation problems. It is quite easy to use and any one can verify the timings using the database and the videos – at any time”.

Manager – PED, Automobile Wiring Harness unit,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India

We used WorkPro for comparing similar lines in our various plants located all over India. We could spot the differences in the methods which led to the differences in the daily outputs. We are takings steps to improve the operations in these lines and bring all of to a standard level based on one of our benchmarked lines.

This year, we have planned to procure WorkPro for each of our plants in India.”

Senior Manager – PED

Leading Tractor Manufacturing firm in India

We used WorkPro mainly to train the new goldsmiths in making of new fashion jewellery for exports. We capture the operation and time the videos. Then play the videos thru WorkPro and show them in the screens kept in various sections. It saves time and conveys the message correctly and many mistakes are eliminated.

Ours is a very intricate job and depends mainly in the skill of the goldsmiths. Training using WorkPro Videos (with instructions) is a major improvement !”

Fashion Jewellery Export Unit, Manager – Quality,
Andheri, Mumbai