Training Courses for Students

  • We teach the students from the basics of Work Study to the advanced concepts of Lean with practical examples from the Business and Industry. These courses are conducted on a daily & weekly basis at the DevPro Institute located in the same premises.
  • Taking our work study course will help the students the practical side of working in a clear way. You will also learn some very essential skills in work method analysis and removal of wastes in working. We will undertake getting placement interviews if you take up our PG-Diploma courses. You will get a certificate at the end of the course. For more details see our Training Page
  • What is more, if you want we can give the Work Study courses in your educational institution itself. For more details ask your department faculty members to contact us.

Project work for the Engineering & Management Students

  • We encourage students – from all Engineering disciplines to take up WorkStudy projects.
  • Use of WorkPro in student projects helps them to understand their projects much better.
  • The videos taken along with the Work Study Data becomes a quick source of reference on the project.
  • The project can be a typical ‘Standard Time’ study of the work done in a nearby by company or It could be even the ‘Product Study’ of the new type of product / gadget / machine they are building as part of their project
  • We Provide WorkPro for a period of three months to help students do their project work in Work Study.
  • They should take up the work-study in their project at the guidance of their guide.
  • A brief synopsis of the report needs to be sent to us with some supporting documents on the completion of the project.

Kindly contact us with details of your project work.