Our Work Study Services

For the past ten years, We have done WorkStudy services in a number of organizations – right from Small, Medium to large manufacturing units (in Automobile, Leather, Garments and Engineering sectors) for achieving various objectives.

We have the following three type of Work Study Services for our customers

  1. Turn- Key services: We do the entire planning and execution of the Work Studies and deliver the results as per your requirements.
  2. Consulting services: We will do an audit of your facility and after discussions with your management, guide your teams in doing the studies.
  3. BPO services: Based on the Videos sent by you over the Internet, we can deliver the VWS data and the reports as per your requirements

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Customised Training

The concepts of WorkStudy are very easy to understand and use, but they are relevant if you apply them from your organisation point of view. This is our main objective of Customised training.

We create such training sessions based on your company’s work so that the training is more relevant to your people.

  • Primarily this Training will be based on the objectives you want to achieve in your organization.
    • The content of the Training is based on proven and the simple concepts of Work Study and Lean. But we provide what is needed for your persons in doing a better job for your company.
    • After discussions and based on clear objectives the training content is created – with examples based on your videos.
    • This training is customized to your personal with their knowledge level considered.
  • The creation of this training content usually takes about 30 days with our personnel visiting your factory for discussions with your HR / Training / Operations people plus capturing of the various videos.
  • Then we create the Training Sessions with Examples / Pictures / Diagrams / Graphs / Exercises / Tests etc to make it lively and interesting to your people.
  • It is usually done at your Work place – with no interruptions permitted during training. You can also arrange it outside the work spot to eliminate the interruption due to ‘critical situations’ etc that are normal if not ‘regular’ in any operational zone.
  • Your personnel will do hands-on WorkStudy practice with WorkPro and do the studies.
    • We cover VTS, VMS, various types of studies, Lean concepts & practices, Line Balancing, Ergo assessments with your case studies
    • There is some theory part also (mainly explanation of concepts like Cycle Time, Rating, Wastes etc)
    • It is better done at least in two or three stages so that there is a recall and retention.
    • Reading materials will be provided to all the participants
  • Maximum strength per training is 15.
    • All logistics – including one PC per participant – to be provided by you.
    • We will also ‘Train your Trainers’
  • You need to procure a few licenses of WorkPro to go ahead with this training.
  • This Training will be ideal for your Trainee Engineers and Technicians. You will find this practical Training very effective in making your new recruits to understand the various processes and operations.
  • The cost-benefit of such training is immense but cannot be measured fully. You can practically see the training duration gets reduced by at least 30 to 40% – especially for new recruits.

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Turn-Key Services

We undertake Turn-Key services for the Following:

  1. To study your operations and create a base line of Work Norms / standards plus the WorkStudy Knowledge base.
  2. To guide your teams with expert advice in doing the various Work improvements.
  3. For doing Ergo assessments & Ergo Improvements
  4. For helping your people start ‘Lean’ with a systematic 5S / SMED / Kaizen programs which will yield results
  5. To capture and create training sessions of your operations
  6. To compare the working of various units thereby elimination of wasteful practices in these units

We visit your place for discussions, finalize the scope of the work studies to be done and give our proposals. Our costs are based on the Man-days required for the successful completion of the work in the given time.

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Consulting Services

We do mainly Productivity consulting for manufacturing and non-manufacturing organizations. All our consulting services are fully based on the Work Study Principles.

We have studied were done in many types of organizations – mainly in Automobile OEMs & Ancillaries, Automobile Service Work Shops, Apparel Units, Jewellery manufacturing units, and Hospitals. We have also done a few studies in Foundries, Hotels & Restaurants, Banks, Retail shops, Agricultural Work (yes done in paddy fields), Timber Harvesting & Forestry work, Warehouses, College Work Shops and many more.

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We have always applied basic principles of Work Study and find it surprisingly shows the true nature of the work being done and its human implications. What is more, it gives surprisingly many alternatives solutions for the issues, some of which are quite innovative.

You will get very specific solutions to your issues – which usually need little or nil expense to implement.

Our consulting services include

  • Product & Process Audits – of your operations
  • Productivity Audits – of your operations
  • Product Costing
  • Lean consulting – mainly for continuous improvement

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VWS offline Services

Based on the videos you provide we can do the following

        1. Video Work Studies with analysis
        2. Ergo assessments
        3. Training Modules

We can give you customized reports of the same. If you have WorkPro installed, then we can transfer the data directly to your database.

We are doing this service mainly to help various companies to start doing the studies first and test the results. You will also find it very cost effective. We can take up this work on a routine basis to your company.

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