Our main aim is to create a knowledge base for your organisation
and start the continuous improvment actions through the software….



We are taking the WorkPro software to the Colleges. We give the software at a much reduced prices to the college. We do a start up training session there and keep in touch with them regularly. We find if the faculty is given sufficient time and help , then they are able to master the software and help the students.In fact many colleges in and around Bangalore city, Karnataka State have started giving training programs using WorkPro in their Industrial and Mechanical Engineering departments. Many of the students do take up work study projects also.

We feel students from all other engineering disciplines – like Electronics, Electrical, Civil, Mining, Aeronatuical, Marine etc – should be given a exposure to work study using the software. We are quite sure this will help all the students in their future career.

If any of the students wants to do the project using WorkPro, we would request them to come with a clear letter from their professor giving details of Work Study they want to do. We can give them a license to them for a period of three calendar months (maximum) so that they can do the project.

We would of course, expect the college to go in for our Academic training program after they purchase the software. Kindly contact us for the details of this program.


We will do the Work Study on the operations you want on a turnkey basis. If you want, we can do the Enterprise Work Study (EWS) of your total operations. We will do the Videos with our personnel who will do subsequently do the Work Studies at your premises.

Almost all your production operations will be covered in the first phase along with the study of main maintenance work. Many of the other miscellaneous work will be covered in the second phase.

All the work will be done in your premises with our engineers and we will deliver the results and take responsibility for the accuracy of the results.

The deliverables will be a full database of Work Study data, List of suggested improvements for each and every operation studied, full set of videos and process routings of the operations.

Our charges here will be based on a per manday basis.


We will provide consulting plus takes the responsibilty of providing the reports etc with our manpower but your people will also assist in doing the VTS , analysis etc.

This works out a bit cheaper and more number of your personnel will get trained by us.

The Work Study process will become a normal one in your company as more no of shop personnel will know how to it. You will find people doing the study during the establishment of the first batch or trials stage.

There will be wide spread ownership of the data as opposed to the ‘standard times’ done by outside agencies ‘taken some time back’.

The deliverables will be the same as in our Tunnkey services, but here we share the responibility along with your personnel for the accuracy of the studies and the results.


You can send us your Videos in a HDD or DVD to us. Here you need to encrypt your videos as per our advice – we will provide a software for this. You can also upload your ‘encrypted’ videos to a secure server in the internet and we can download the same here.

We will do the work study from our office using WorkPro and then send the results back to you as an XML data which you can import into WorkPro.

This is a typical BPO operation.Here our cost will be the least and we charge by the Work Study hours we clock for doing the study of your videos.

The deliverables will be same as Turnkey services. We will take responsibilty of the accuracy of studies and the results for the videos given to us.

Data can be given as per your company’s formats.