We are a Team experienced Professionals from Production & Industrial Engineering, Marketing and Finance sectors joined to-gether to Develop & Promote New Products & Services.

It is our sincere belief that all of us are living and working for a betterment of our daily lives. Hence we are truly aiming at a ‘Social Profit’ to the society we all live in.

We propose to improve & channelize all our efforts towards this perceivable goal of ‘Good Life for all‘. Of course not as a slogan, but with efforts however simple or humble that might be, but without the currently excessive ‘money’ oriented profit motives seen all around.
We mainly serve the Industrial and Technical Education sectors by way of our Software products & Training services. One of our main training services is in the field of Work Study using the WorkPro software.

We take up Production Engineering consulting services for manufacturing projects – including turnkey productivity improvements. In technical education, we help the students acquire practical knowledge by way of Students projects. We act as a bridge between the Industry & technical institutions and help them to help themselves mutually, based on their strengths and requirements.
This site is being evolved into a portal for use by Industrial Professionals , Academics and Students. We welcome your suggestions & your views on how to serve these two core sectors – Industry and Academia. Pl do mail us.

We also welcome you to participate with us with your ideas – visit our Forum Page.

Thanks to you for visiting our site and do tell others about this site.